1. I don’t want to stop. And maybe I want to run away from it all. But…the joy of living far outweighs the fear of death. Isn’t it the same for you? Traveling with your friends gives your life meaning.

    The preview video to a much more ambitious video project that will be released Sunday. This is the amazing Final Fantasy IX group I had the pleasure of photographing at Anime Boston 2012. They patiently and good-humoredly recreated all of the poses I asked of them and came up with many stellar ones of their own. Thank you so much to the group and everyone who helped out with lighting and equipment handling. I owe you guys hugely.

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    Yearly reblog, because I’m sad that I’m not at AB this year. And I miss everyone.
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    "Everyone…thank you. My memories will be part of the sky…"
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    Look at my fantabulous cosplay friends!!!!
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