1. faidflourite:

    Heya, part two of Elsa bodice/corset progress.

    The first pic shows ya the kind of zipties I use, but any wide heavy-duty will work. just make sure they are not wider than your bias-tape.  As you can see, after putting a channel(a line of bias tape) on the seams, I put one between them as well (sometimes 2 of them between each seam, depending on spacing).  There shouldn’t be more than a couple of inches between each channel/bone. These are what will hold the dress on and up, so don’t skimp, especially if you’re busty. 

    I then sewed a line across the top to make sure all the channels were closed at one end, then sewed the front of the dress to the foundation corset across the top as well(the front is in white, the lining and foundation are blue). This means when i turn it inside out, you will only see the front layer of the dress and not all the crazy channels and mid-lining. (pic 2 shows the front layer flipped up, then 3 and 4 are the front and back after attaching the front piece.) I also sewed a line across the top, close to the seam, to keep it all flat.Since I’ll be covering the bodice in a mosaic of blue tiles, none of it will show anyway.

    Next is the boning. Work each piece through the channel like in pic 5, til the end bumps into your seam. You will probably have a lot leftover that sticks out. Grab some crafting scissors and bunch the fabric down a bit near the end(pic 6) and cut the end off. Try to round the ends as much as you can. Pointy edges have a bad habit of sneaking through and poking you. After you cut it, there should be about an inch between the end of the fabric/channel and where the plastic bone ends inside it. Once you filled them all, sew a line across the bottom to close them. Try to sew as close to the bone as you can without going through it. Last step is optional, but I use bias-tape to finish the edge so it is nice and clean. This also reinforces your bottom stitch and keeps bones from slipping out once you’ve worn it several times.

    Last pic is the nearly finished product! Remember, your inner corset should be a little smaller than the dress or bodice itself. The white fabric is what will show, the blue is the lining/corset. I’ll attach a zipper to the white layer once I have tested the corset for fit. The corset brings you in, holds the dress on, and gives you a nice shape!  Then the zipper-layer makes it appear like a normal dress, like magic! XD

    Hope this helps!! (Learned the basics for this from Elrowiel and modified it a bit for my own project! Check out her tumblr for fancy dresses as well! XD)

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    Thank you so much to everyone who supported me during the completion of this project! <3


  4. shiroi-heya:

    Lyrics translation to English here

    We kick off the rebirth of Shiroi Heya with the rebirth of a band that released their last single 12 years ago and who we thought would never ever get back together: Siam Shade.

    Siam Shade disbanded in 2002 after releasing their 2001 single

    My friend Raz and I restarted our old jrock blog (Shiroi Heya) because every band we loved that broke up has gotten back together!

    First review is Siam Shade’s brand new single <3

  5. What you feel, no way it’s real
    Everybody plays the game
    Forget what you’ve seen and forget what you know…

    Desperate angel, got no wings to fly
    Desperate angel, sadness in your eyes

    [X Japan]

    Hillary as Noel Vermillion [BlazBlue]
    photography by Ger Tysk
    Anime Expo 2013

  6. When I was little,
    I dreamed of space travel and superheroes
    when the monsters that scared me were real.
    Leaving the Milky Way, heading to Andromeda-
    with shining eyes, I read my picture books

    When I was little, I dreamed of a future world with flying cars
    where even scary robots seemed lonely.
    If I believed in it, could I have gone to that future world?
    My dreams never came true, but I know yours will.

    Leaving the Milky Way, heading to Andromeda-
    those dreams never came true, but having met you is enough for me.
    Sweet dreams, good night.


    Han Pan as Oerba Dia Vanille [Final Fantasy XIII]
    Photography by Ger Tysk
    Shot at Ormand Beach, Florida


  7. catscrew:



    i wanna put on a cute dress and slay all my enemies

    i love the way how this gets notes slowly. it’s like everyone puts on a cute dress an slays all their enemies and then comes back and reblogs the post

    It has been done. I can reblog now.


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  8. Apparently red was the official color for Dragon*Con costumes this year and I didn’t get the memo! :P

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  9. cosplayinamerica:

    Had a chance to preview the Breaking All the Rules book while at #dragoncon

    W00t! It was fab to sit down with Ejen at D*C and have him flip through the book :D

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